A. J. Adam

With the first taste of the first wine I knew it; here was someone to be reckoned with. There was simply more going on here, more weight, more expression, more seriousness, more drive. How was this estate under the radar? Adam, it turns out, is a part-timer! He works full-time at Heymann-Löwenstein and is from all reports a total wine freak, a young guy who’s full of beans and who’s been influenced by fascinating style-ideologues like Löwenstein and our friend Niewo at Van Volxem. He’s passionate and he can afford to go all-out.

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A. J. Adam 2015 Dhron Hofberg Riesling Kabinett

The flowery aromas again. This is the truest “Kabinett” in several years; almost slim, certainly slatey and wintergreeny and by no means thin; it feels drier than usual, it’s long and gripping, but when the dark slate fades an exquisitely delicate and juicy florality stays and haunts you. The Dhron river is a tributary in a side valley located north of Trittenheim and south of Piesport. Adam’s holdings are located in cooler portions of the Hofberg where the river flows heading away from the Mosel and into the Hünsruck hills. Adam also just recently restored a portion of the Hofberg planted in 1973 that was the last remaining terraced portion of the vineyard.