What more do you need to know than that Vasco Croft, an architect, educator and devotee of Rudolf Steiner, discovered the mysteries of wine in his mid-thirties through the intervention of a Brazilian Buddhist monk? From there you intuit that the path leads directly to starting a winery and farming biodynamically, right? We are proud to be the first to import his wines into the USA, but he has already blazed a trail through the English press, with luminaries like Jamie Goode and Sara Ahmed leading the praise. In person he is as vivid, energetic and unbuttoned as his wines. Endlessly restless, he is currently engaged in an ambitious project to create a cultural center/restaurant and a food forest on his recently expanded estate.

PAP-SPL08 Aphros Loueiro Brut 2008

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Aphros 2011 Daphne (Vinho Verde, Loureiro) [12/750]

Vasco swears by Loureiro, and who can argue with him in the face of such a compelling wine? Made only in the best years, Daphne is given 70% skin contact and 30% barrel fermentation (used oak and chestnut). Pure, vibrant and long, it sports a mere 12% of alcohol, proving that a wine does not need to be big in order to be important.

Aphros 2014 Loureiro Sparkling Wine

Fermented partially in oak and aged 18 months on the lees. Quite dry, as Portuguese sparklers tend to be, with lovely citrus and biscuit notes, a touch earthy but never coarse, offering elegance while its companion red below flexes its muscles.

Aphros 2016 Loureiro (Vinho Verde)

One lovely aspect of our Portuguese whites is that though they mostly play in the same field – lively, snappy, unoaked – they are as different from each other as night and day. This one starts off citrusy/grassy and fills out with honey, before ending with a hint of fennel. Need we say that it’s much more than a simple palate cleanser? Indeed, it is one of those gratifying wines that prove to be fascinating mid-term developers despite its modest price tag.

Aphros 2017 Vinhao Red (Vinho Verde)

How much red Vinho Verde have you had recently? You will want more after tasting this, though from the reviews it may be the exception that proves the rule among these wines. Crazy deep purple in the glass, sappy, wild berry fruit, huge acidity and freshness and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Just when you thought you had tried everything, along comes this!