Alain Geoffroy

We were delighted to discover this impeccable producer of Kimmeridgean Chardonnay at reasonable prices. We think that you will be, too.

Wine Label - White Burgundy from Alain Geoffroy

Wine Label - old vines Chardonnay/White Burgundy Alain Geoffroy

Wine Label - Alain Geoffroy White Burgundy  Vau Ligneau






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Available Wines

Alain Geoffroy 2014 Bourgogne Chardonnay

A lissome, snappy chardonnay with unexpected salinity in the tail. Resolutely dry, lip-smacking wine for very little money. ~WineWise

Alain Geoffroy 2014 Chablis 1er Cru Beauroy Vieilles Vignes

There is real grandeur in this first-time importation of this privileged old vines plot. Intense without being big, salty and long on the palate. 2014 shows its pedigree here.

Alain Geoffroy 2015 Bourgogne Pinot Noir

This is ravishingly pretty, pure stone fruit, more like a Juillot wine than this simple appellation. Exceptionally low yields of two tons an acre helped, and the decision was made not to fine given the elegance of the fruit. Successive tiny vintages have necessitated a price increase, but this still offers good value for such quality.

Alain Geoffroy 2015 Petit Chablis

The distinction between “Petit” Chablis and the “real” thing can be quite minor, as evidenced by this absolutely paradigmatic wine, whose uncompromising quality and saline tang mark it out as a serious candidate for oysters.

Alain Geoffroy 2016 Chablis

This is Chablis in its immaculately stony and juicy classic vein, with the haunting sandalwood scent that separates it from mere chardonnay.