Sleek, clear, winsome yet authoritative wines from the kindly hands of the newest Wachau superstar, Leo Alzinger Sr! And now, after a practicum with the renowned winemaker Hans Gunter-Schwartz (ex-Muller-Catoir), Leo Alzinger Jr helps. Every vintage since 1995 is amongst the best collection in Austria. Alzinger’s wines are uniformly threaded into skeins of nuance and even when they’re at their biggest they’re always shapely and lissome. They aren’t delicious because they’re great; they’re great because they’re delicious.


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Alzinger 2015 Riesling Dürnsteiner Federspiel

Angular structure in a ripe format; more herbal, lime, ore, iris and sorrel. Early Spring, only a surmise of prettiness, sharp and cressy as you sit by the still frigid stream, and look at all this new green miracle.  ~Terry Theise