Chateau Carbonneau

It is many a year since we tasted a petit château Bordeaux worth its classic $10 or $11 retail price-tag, so our hearts leapt when we encountered this old-fashioned beauty seemingly caught in a commercial time-warp. Wilfrid Franc de Ferrière, despite his aristocratic-sounding French name, speaks an unaffected English with a disconcerting New Zealand twang to it (he’s married to a Kiwi). Ste. Foy is in the extreme south-eastern part of Bordeaux.

Label - Carbonneau "Classique" Bordeaux wine

Available Wines

Ch. Carbonneau 2015 or 2016 Cuvee Classique (Bordeaux – Ste. Foy)

(85% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon)  Seriously tasty Bordeaux at a silly price that will please the purists for its structure and the hedonists for its fruit.  ~WineWise

Ch. Carbonneau 2016 Sequoia (Bordeaux – Ste. Foy)

A relatively sumptuous wine skillfully raised in barriques that remains faithful to its Bordeaux roots while appealing to fans of Merlot’s potential for softly plumy fruit.