Clos d’Audhuy

Available Wines

Clos d’Audhuy 2015 Cahors (Malbec)

The estate’s flagship wine is an intelligent compromise between ancient and modern. The handling of the musts is similarly gentle, but the maceration is much longer (25 days) and the wine spends 12 months in 400 liter barriques, of which half are new. The resultant wine is dark as night, but plushly textured. With air, some of that wild, brambly Cahors character comes to the fore. 100% Malbec

Clos d’Audhuy 2016 “Les Polissons” (Cahors Malbec)

Who would have thought that Malbec could be rendered so sheerly charming and pleasurable? The trick was a light extraction, a short maceration with pigeage and remontage, and relatively early bottling. Meet the friendly face of Cahors’ famous “Black Wine”. 100% Malbec