Everything here is delicious in any zone of sweetness, and the wines are charming and arrive at the table eager to be helpful. Perfect wines when the nth degree of complexity isn’t warranted. And they are not contrived – just honest!

Darting remains my icon of the perfect “commercial” winery, offering charming easygoing wines at excellent prices, bearing slightly fuddy-duddy labels, and hardly registering on the edgy stream, but that’s fine by me. The wines delight, over-deliver and are incredibly useful, and these things matter too—and matter more.  ~Terry Theise

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Darting 2005 Huxelrebe TBA [12/375ml]

Darting 2013 Dürkheimer Nonnengarten Riesling Kabinett [12/1000]

They tell me it’s all clean fruit but I taste at least an echo or a facsimile of botrytis, but the wine is tangy with a lavender earthiness, angular and herbal and expressive.

Darting 2014 Dürkheimer Hochbenn Muskateller Kabinett trocken

Solid, vinous and chewy; basil oil, a little catty, a little mizuna, and a ton of spice and minty snap. Marked length; the finish tilts toward the herbal, tarragon, almost Gyokoru. Serious wine.

Darting 2014 Dürkheimer Hochbenn Riesling Kabinett

We’ll ship ’13 while it lasts and then shift to ’14. The new vintage is rich and sultry, as is its type, but ’14 has been very good to Helmut Darting; there’s a slight surmise of botrytis, and a few nubby tannins, but the overall effect is sold and firm. The ’13 is lighter but more exotic, with fragrances of vetiver and guava.  ~Terry Theise

Darting 2014 Riesling Kabinett [12/1000]

Pending tasting notes.

Darting 2015 Dürkheimer Hochbenn Muskateller Trocken

Back to normal life, 12% ABV. It’s varietally discreet but still attractively spicy and juicy. Hyper hyacinth, almost mineral and certainly herbal. I love it.  ~Terry Theise

Darting 2015 Dürkheimer Hochbenn Riesling Kabinett

And another example….what was gnarly in the dry wines is good in the sweet ones; the density and solidity. They’re solid, not stolid. This is by far the best-ever vintage of this wine, drier-seeming, very long and salty.  ~Terry Theise