Domaine Mucyn

It is ironic that we, who love Syrah almost more than any other black grape, have never before imported a producer from the northern Rhône. In truth, it is only because we have never encountered one available to us who was special enough to warrant the move. All that has now changed due to our discovery of Hélène and Jean-Pierre Mucyn, a young couple introduced to us by Jean-Marc Espinasse of Rouge-Bleu. Established in Crozes and St. Joseph since 2001, they have quietly charted their own course and developed a European following for their stylish, unexaggerated wines.

Wine Label - Dom. Mucyn St Joseph

Available Wines

Dom. Mucyn 2008 Crozes Hermitage Blanc

(100% Marsanne) Initially suggestive more of Burgundy than the Rhône on account of its subtly smoky notes and firm underpinning of acidity, with air this wine blossoms beautifully to display a succulent, apricotty palate. Fermented and aged in four-year-old Vosges barrels, it is a remarkably intelligent synthesis of burgundian technique and Rhône character. An original.

Dom. Mucyn 2015 and 2016 Crozes Hermitage Rouge Les Entrecoeurs”

100% Syrah.  Ripeness brings its own traps, so God bless the Mucyns for not falling into them. This wine has that submerged violet perfume that suffuses the Mucyn’s wines and gives them a lift and swagger that are really rare in this era of shameless fleshpots.

Dom. Mucyn 2015 St. Joseph Blanc “Les Carats”

The stylishness of this wine is testimony to the strides that Mucyn has made with his white wines. Roussanne brings its own particular extravagances to the table, but Jean-Pierre shrugs them aside to craft this refined yet succulent Rhône white that barely hints at its oak aging. Exemplary wine that will age well.

Dom. Mucyn 2016 ‘GamSy’, Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes

(60% Syrah, 40% Gamay)  Renamed to better convey its constituent parts, it is hard to conceive of a more sheerly joyous and brilliant wine in this lighter vein. Masterfully combining the complementary virtues of perfumed syrah and snappy gamay, it slides down the throat with the ease of a serpent and then tempts you to commit non-stop sin.

Dom. Mucyn 2016 St. Joseph Rouge

100% Syrah.  There is no question that the best St. Joseph wines bring an added dimension of power and concentration to the table and this is no exception – except the premium you pay is so negligible! This beauty has the hallmark tensile strength of the vintage and a flowery Syrah perfume of unmissable class.