Domaine Rouge-Bleu

Jean-Marc Espinasse is an irresistible character. Impossibly good-looking, with a talented literary American wife Kristin to match, he had little difficulty in persuading us to take on the wines of his new domaine just east of Orange. They are lusty, honest and vivid, showing a quality that belies the relative modesty of their appellation. Our confidence that you would embrace them as exemplars of an increasingly rare authenticity in a world of vinous artifice has been amply borne out. The production is completely organic, and involves many biodynamic practices. Jean-Marc is a tireless advocate for his wines and they have quickly garnered high critical acclaim. Ever restless, he has bought a domaine in Bandol and sold a controlling share of Rouge-Bleu to a Franco-Australian couple,  Caroline and Thomas Jones, who have thus far shown great aptitude and flair in their vinous efforts.

Label - Rouge-Bleu Dentelle Rose

Label - Rouge-Bleu Mistral

Available Wines

Dom. Rouge-Bleu 2013 Dentelle Red

Carignan is thought of as the Languedoc variety par excellence, but it can make distinctively brambly and authentic wine in the Rhone as well, especially when blended with the local kingpin grape Grenache. The 2013 signals the new regime’s refined approach.

Dom. Rouge-Bleu 2013 or 2015 (Cotes du Rhone)

A selection of the older vines, some over 75 years old, are harvested late and  vinified together, stems, leaves and all, using indigenous yeasts. The results will please Rhone enthusiasts from the New World as much as the Old. Expresses great typicité vintage after vintage.

Dom. Rouge-Bleu 2017 Dentelle Rosé

(55% Carignan, 45% Grenache) A fascinating contrast to the fuller-colored, spicier examples from our other Rhône producers, this offers a lovely conciliation of delicate fruit and understated earth tones with exceptional freshness.