Domaine Theulot-Juillot

“Old fashioned” burgundy producer, in the best sense of the words. Serious, age-worthy wines which show off both the unique aromatic joys of Pinot Noir and the particular character of the six premier cru sites of Mercurey that they cultivate. These are wines of the utmost integrity, not prettified in any way, because they do not need to be. Jean-Claude Theulot, Emile Juillot’s son-in-law, has steadily raised the renown of this estate to the top echelon of Mercurey. Fittingly, the name has been changed from “Emile Juillot” to “Theulot-Juillot” in recognition of the transformation that he has wrought.

Wine Label - Teulot-Juillot

Available Wines

Dom. Theulot-Juillot 2009 Mercurey 1er Cru Blanc ‘Les Saumonts’

Jean-Claude Theulot makes rather little white wine from a handful of small plots, but he lavishes a degree of care on them that is repaid with wines like this that demonstrate exceptional purity, unfussiness and salinity, with an unerring sense of just how much oak the fruit can comfortably live with. If Montrachet is a Tchaikovsky symphony then this is a Haydn string quartet – but a great one!

Dom. Theulot-Juillot 2011 Mercurey Les Combins

It is a rare vineyard whose distinguishing character transcends vintages, but Les Combins is such a place. Always the plushest and most immediately seductive of Juillot’s crus.

Dom. Theulot-Juillot 2012 Mercurey Les Combins

Simultaneously weighty and buoyant, with a ravishing scent of cedar and cocoa. Pure class.

Dom. Theulot-Juillot 2014 Bourgogne Cote Chalonnaise Rouge

To describe this wine as “pretty” is to understate its appeal but to capture its distinction. Why should red wine not flatter the senses, after all? This one pleases the sight with its palely lovely hue, the nose with its uncommonly incisive Pinot beauty and the taste with its refined and crystalline beauty. Your sighs of pleasure will supply the matching sounds.

Dom. Theulot-Juillot 2014 Mercurey 1er Cru La Cailloute

(Monopole) With its fine, dark-toned kid-leather nose and elegant, slinky, sweet-toned palate, this wine is exceptionally seductive, exemplifying the finesse for which ‘La Cailloute’ is known.

Dom. Theulot-Juillot 2015 Cote Chalonnaise Blanc

We were elated to discover that the Theulots now offer “entry level” wines that are made with the same care as the premiers crus but from more modest terroirs. Nathalie Theulot’s name appears on the label of this cuvée, which comes from a vineyard she owns. It is a perfect miniature white burgundy – modestly proportioned but brimming with that archetypal sweet-salt burgundian savour, and kissed ever so gently with the most reticent oak you ever met. Brilliant.