In this humble taster’s opinion, these are the greatest Rieslings on earth. No other wine, anywhere, exceeds the clarity, polish, complexity and sheer beauty of flavor of this grower’s finest wines. Simply, like the most perfect Riesling that can ever be.

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Dönnhoff 2013 Norheimer Kirschheck Riesling Spätlese

Maybe the most simply beloved wine in the Dönnhoff stable, this is one of the great vintages, recalling the ’04 and ’02, or like the ’08 but better; blazing clear and deliciously articulated, with its signature flavors of lady-apples and cherry blossom.  ~Terry Theise

Dönnhoff 2013 Oberhäuser Brücke Riesling Spätlese

An aside—there’s no Felsenberg Spät in the small crop of 2013, as all of it went into the dry wine. Thus we head straight into Brücke, and into its quiet monastic stirring and yearning. That’s the essence of Brücke, this kind of ur-Riesling that seems to find our own primordial souls. In ’13 its acids feel more prominent, and it’s brooding just now, but serenely—  Brücke can be obscure but is never austere. I opened the 2001 over the winter and it needs 4-5 more years, though you can drink Hermannshöhle now if you insist. ~Terry Theise

Dönnhoff 2014 Felsenberg “Felsentürmchen” Riesling Grosses Gewächs [6/750]

Tremendous aroma, almost fiercely smoky, with lemon and Indonesian peppers.  ~Terry Theise

Dönnhoff 2016 Estate Riesling

An excellent vintage of the world’s greatest wine value. Not “Riesling value” or even “white-wine value;” the greatest value among wine, period. For it is impossible to otherwise obtain such beauty and complexity (and ageworthiness) for such a price. The ’16, as always a mélange of (mostly) porphyry and gravel soils, shows mirabelle and iris and persimmon aromas; the mid palate is swollen with mineral, it’s almost hefty, and then the finish snakes and curls like the smoke from a burnt-out candle.