Wines of exceptional clarity, incisive detail, high-definition obsessive nuance, fresh vitality, and most of all charm and deliciousness. It’s not the same sort of charm we see in Setzer, whose wines are more cashmere-textured, but it is something of great good humor that elevates the wines from mere correctness. You may think this estate is “obscure” but inside Austria it is gulped away with hyperactive haste, and we feel very lucky to have scored it.


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Ecker 2012 Roter Veltliner Wagram

Again completely yummy and more than 1-dimensional; black cherry, cherry-tobacco, roasted red beet, and as always, absurd value.

Ecker 2013 Grüner Veltliner Steinberg

HARD-CORE LIST WINE. In shaping this offering I often pass this wine by, but not in 2013; it’s too good. Utter ivy and bay leaf and wonderful minerality, a primary-rock GV at its most ridiculously charming. High-elevation (330 meters) and old-ish vines (30 years). ~Terry Theise

Ecker 2013 Grüner Veltliner [12/1000]

Ecker 2013 Zweigelt ‘Brillant’

Tasting notes unavailable.

Ecker 2014 Gelber Muskateller

For a wee laddie of 10.8% alc, in a vintage like ’14, this must be considered a masterpiece; so dense and limber, it almost shows a Riesling-like minerality and with the elderflower and quince aromas of ripe Muscat. There’s real length here; it’s better than the ’13, and a highlight of the entire journey; somehow both firm and melting… and this finish: wow. ~Terry Theise

Ecker 2014 Grüner Veltliner [12/1000]

Though I show it first we actually taste it last, after the biggest GVs, not as a palate re-set but rather to test just how good it is. And this ’14 is shockingly good. The spread from top-to-bottom is narrower here in 2014, and this is almost sad, it’s so tempting. Its modest “stature” is only indicated by the quick finish. Please remember, always, that the truest measure of a winery is not what it delivers to the person spending a lot of money, but to the person spending just a little. ~Terry Theise

Ecker 2014 Zweigelt [12/1000]

This was perfectly good! He put 15% in large oak casks to round it out (and added a teeny amount of ’13), and overall it leans in the round St Laurent direction. ~Terry Theise

Ecker 2015 Grüner Veltliner (Wagram) [12/1000]

Though I show it first we actually taste it last, after the big guys that precede it, not as a palate-reset but to show how it holds up. This joins the Setzer as the two snappiest of the ’15 Liters; it’s tensile and streamlined, pointed and brisk, with flavors of caraway seed. It isn’t rich but it’s also perfectly ripe.  ~Terry Theise

Ecker 2015 Zweigelt [12/1000]

This is everything it needs to be, and all those things are yummy. Nor will the 2015 let you down when it appears down the road… – Terry Theise