Crete has many distinctions. It is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, and the southernmost wine producer. The average altitudes of the vineyards are uncommonly high, which contributes to the paradoxical lightness of the wines, especially the whites. Phyloxera only came there in the 1970’s – a hundred years after the rest of Europe! In its aftermath, a lot of international varieties were planted, but there is no shortage of distinctive native grapes to be found. Our producer, Endochora, is relatively young, having been founded in 2004. Small but serious, they turned our heads with this splendid first offering.

Available Wines

Endochora 2015 Vidiano (Crete)

This uncommonly aromatic grape has fast become a darling of hip sommeliers in Europe. It offers the same fragrant appeal as Viognier and Roussanne but with a nervous tension that one suspects the Rhône producers would kill for.