We have had our eyes on this ancient estate for several years now, and could resist its allure no longer after tasting this impressive collection of wines from 2016. With a history dating back to the tenth century, the current domaine consists of 200 hectares that encircle a fortress constructed in the 12th century. It has been in the ownership of the Comte de Lamy’s family for nine generations, but there is nothing remotely antique about the methods they now employ. The 145 hectares planted to vine lie equally in Corbiere’s appellation and the surrounding IGP’s. The multiplicity of terroirs in this expansive terrain enables them to grow no fewer than 17 different varieties, including some interlopers. We, of course, have chosen to select an introductory range derived exclusively from autochthonous varieties. You will be impressed.

Available Wines

Fontarèche 2016 Corbières Rosé Tradition

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Fontarèche 2016 Corbières Vieilles Vignes

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Fontarèche 2016 Domaines de Lamy Blanc

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Fontarèche 2016 Domaines de Lamy Rouge

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