We get blind solicitations from wineries literally every day, but this one caught our eye immediately, because it was penned by none other than Maria Jose Lopez de Heredia. She said, ” if there is one person in the wine world that I could recommend it is Fernando Mora, because he gives me hope for the future of the world of wine in Spain.” In his own words, this is what  Fernando does : ” recovering old vineyards in Valdejalón area in the north east part of Spain. Producing single vineyards garnachas from old vines up to 98 years old. Something we are very proud to do.” With his two partners,  Mario Lopez and Daniel Latasa, they style themselves the “Garage Winery”, that being a literal description of the facility in which they craft their wines.

The little-known region of Valdejalon, centered around their village of Epila on the banks of the River Jalon, nestles north of Calatayud. The climate is Mediterranean, with significant diurnal temperature changes and low rainfall. The vineyards lie at altitudes between 350 and 700 meters, and benefit from loose soil structure with significant limestone content. In this team’s masterly hands, they give rise to Grenache wines (red AND white) of a purity and intensity we rarely see, at a price ridiculously fair, which have already been acclaimed by reviewers everywhere.

Available Wines

Frontonio 2014 Telescopico Garnacha (Valdejalon)

Equally pure, but a step up in richness, sweetness, and high-toned expression of the grape, this is balanced, focused and long. It exemplifies the “cool” aspect that separates Frontonio from other practitioners of the art of producing well-balanced wines in warm climates.

Frontonio 2015 Microcosmico Garnacha (Valdejalon)

More than any wine, this convinced us Fernando was on to something. Vibrant, sweet fruit, oozing with white pepper and very much at ease with itself, this wine expresses purity and completeness throughout.

Frontonio 2015 or 2016 El Casetero OVG (Garnacha – Campo de Borja)

Just to the northwest of Valdejalon, and enjoying a similar climate and topography, strongly influenced by the cold, north-eastern cierzo winds, this IGP styles itself the “Empire of Garnacha.”  With good reason! We were frankly stunned by the price-quality ratio of this entry-level wine. Produced from dry-farmed, head-pruned vines and fermented with indigenous yeasts, this shows the ripe, plummy, and spicy side of the grape, with good freshness and length.

Frontonio 2016 Microcosmico Macabeo (Valdejalon)

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Frontonio 2016 Special Cuvee Grenache (Valdejalon) [6/750]

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Frontonio 2016 Supersonico Garnacha (Valdejalon)

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Frontonio 2016 Telescopico Carinena (Valdejalon)

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