Honorable traditional Rheinhessen estate energized with the arrival of a young lion, Johannes Geil-Bierschenk. Outstanding modern white wines at wonderfully reasonable prices. An emblem of the quixotic new generation in Rheinhessen.

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Available Wines

Geil 2004 Bechtheimer Geyersberg Rieslaner Spätlese feinherb

Geil 2009 Bechtheimer Rosengarten Riesling Kabinett

Geil 2010 Bechtheimer Heiligkreuz Scheurebe Kabinett

This will be more currant and sage, and less grapefruit and elderflower –or so I suppose. Scheu keeps its secrets and develops capriciously. It’s hugely spicy and seems almost Feinherb (with 55g RS!), and has a sideways sneaky long finish, with the empty glass smelling like Manchego cheese.

Geil 2011 Bechtheimer Rieslaner BA [12/375ml]

Geil 2011 Bechtheimer Rosengarten Riesling Kabinett

Geil 2012 Bechtheimer Rosengarten Riesling Kabinett

The drier of two versions I tasted. Cox-orange and white peach to begin, lime and orchid-oolong to end, and it extends its farewell a long-g-g time; the wine has wiggle but a stern no-nonsense finish.

Geil 2012 Bechtheimer Scheurebe Kabinett

This one shows orange and grapefruit with just a surmise of the claws of Scheu, but it’s much less sweet than before, and Scheu develops unpredictably; this is quince-paste and Manchego and elderflower right now. The site name is off the label because there’s a transition in origin for their Scheu, which they’re planting in a site more suitable for its special voodoo self.

Geil 2013 Muskateller trocken

HARD-CORE LIST WINE. Correct but tactful, and insanely tasty and juicy, almost like a Santorini white in its whiteglare sun-herbal bite, or like Verdelho with acidity. Surprisingly rich mid-palate; low yields added concentration where there wasn’t a ton of ripeness.  ~Terry Theise

Geil 2014 Muskateller trocken

More moderate and less catty than ’13, though also less mineral. Yet also not so steely. It’s spicier though, with lots of basil oil and a kind of sweet metal—I know, “sweet metal?”—what did I mean by that?? Maybe a kind of thyme and fennel and radish thing? Dunno. I like the wine; it’s adorable and frisky. ~Terry Theise

Geil 2015 Bechtheimer Scheurebe Kabinett (Rheinhessen)

A tangy tropical Scheu, none too sweet and with a good acid tooth; spearmint and ginger and lemon zest; a zingy exotic wine with a surprising amount of tension.  ~Terry Theise