Walter Glatzer is a miracle. An amazingly nice guy, making sensational wines and offering them at way down-to-earth prices; this isn’t, you know, an everyday occurrence! He’s also obsessively motivated to keep improving the wines, which he seems to do annually. Walter Glatzer’s doing a smart thing: holding stocks back so as to have 18 months worth of wine in the cellar, which in most cases means two vintages. This is especially good for the reds, which always bulk up with a year in bottle — even the “wee” ones.

Along with Berger these are the best values in this offering. And with steadily increasing quality, especially among the reds. Tight, reductively brilliant whites that should be poured by the glass at every restaurant in the universe!

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Available Wines

Glatzer 2007 Weissburgunder Classic

Glatzer 2012 Grüner Veltliner

Grown in sandy loam soils in Carnuntum, the 2011 Glatzer GV is consistently one of the best valued GrüVe’s in the portfolio. Expressive and riper in this vintage, it is serious at this stage, the kind you only taste at the estate, from the tank, and wish you could preserve. This is of a class akin to a single cru Kamptal wine and legitimately stupid to ignore.Tight, brilliant whites that should be poured BTG at every restaurant in the universe! TT

Glatzer 2012 Pinot Noir

HARD-CORE LIST WINE. This is his best vintage ever of PN; it’s really ripe and juicy with a great suave length; dusty and slightly herbal, improving with each sip. The finish is rare duck, almost mineral; a long light wine that’s truly vinous, not merely fruity. ~Terry Theise

Glatzer 2012 St Laurent

Round and varietal, ripe and generous, roses and plums and the crisp cheesy taters atop the gratin. ~Terry Theise

Glatzer 2012 Weissburgunder

Crisp, snappy and even a little phenolic; has 13% but seems as crisp as a winter twig, though it starts to get tortilla-rich as it warms in the glass.

Glatzer 2012 Zweigelt Riedencuvée

Can a red wine smell prettier than this? Or taste creamier, or more animally delicious? This is the utter best of the utter purity of simplicity. Yet don’t suppose it is “light” or slim; it is rich but directly fruity, and it is ridiculously attractive.

Glatzer 2013 Weissburgunder

Quite full and marine, cool mussel and straw; snappy focus but creamy mouthfeel and with excellent length. Pretty serious for a light wine. ~Terry Theise

Glatzer 2014 Grüner Veltliner

Core List Wine. This normally textbook GV, excellent because it has no particular variations or special features, is another critter in 2014; remarkably mineral and delineated, a lot of ground-up-rock density, and a strong backbone (though it showed more fruit in the Riedel tulip albeit more overall flavor in Zalto); lighter in body but richer in structure and nuance than usual. ~Terry Theise