Henri Goutorbe

“Venerable” might be an apposite term for an estate that’s existed for less than 60 years, but Goutorbes are a Grand Family of Champagne, and this domain embodies the generous and vivacious side of the region. They are ripe and extravagant; they are seldom mystic or searching, but instead direct and delicious. This doesn’t preclude a great refinement and class! It means they are oh-so-easy to love.

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Henri Goutorbe N.V. Brut Rosé

Now with a 2012 base, deg 10/2015, this is really pretty, malt and strawberry, but withal it’s fresh and sleek; like early-season cherry tomatoes. Tasted great with Paté en Croute but I tried manfully not to be swayed. ~Terry Theise

Henri Goutorbe N.V. Cuvée Prestige Brut

It is indeed based on 2011, and tastes it, but it’s better than most. This wine and a Blanc de Blancs also from ’11 had pyrazine characters that were mitigated by lavish fruit (and substantial dosage). Mitigated, but not entirely redeemed. ~Terry Theise

Henri Goutrobe 2006 Brut Millesime

Deg 7/2015, 75-25 PN/CH. The “potato” issue from last year appears to have gone, but this shows a vintage-derived oxidation —many ‘06s do—which some tasters will interpret as old-school. The wine is round and juicy and Aÿ-malty. Curiously it’s freshest on the finish. A lot to like here. ~Terry Theise