Sensational new discovery on the upper Nahe, a young vintner doing everything right; handcrafted fruit-driven wines of terroir. Anti-varietal in the best sense, the same way that Condrieu isn’t merely viognier; the best from the Rheingrafenberg are wines of deep site-character as rendered by riesling. Splendidly mineral wines into which fruit of great charm is interwoven. Fresh, with exceptional purity.

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Hexamer 2001 Meddersheimer Altenberg Riesling “Hochgewächs”

Sommelier Alert! (It’s a QbA with higher minimum standards and can only be made by growers, not merchants or co-ops.)  Smoky, tertiary, wonderful aromas; a perfect time to drink this lovely unfussy Riesling. This is how fantastic even a basic Riesling gets when it’s mature; it smells like the freshest dewy sweet peas, smoke and acorns; salty and dry(ish!), yellow carrots and chamomile and I’m buying a crap-ton of this for my cellar so nail it down before I grab it all. ~Terry Theise

Hexamer 2014 Meddersheimer Altenberg Riesling Kabinett

Too soon to describe except that acid-sugar-salt are all in balance, and perhaps some botrytis is to be reckoned with.  ~Terry Theise, writing in 2015

Hexamer 2015 Riesling feinherb “Porphyr”

This wine is so important and I love it so much we’re adding it to the CORE-LIST, which means you can buy it year-round. For me it is nothing less than a glimpse into the perfect future for German Riesling, neither dry nor sweet, simply delicious and amazingly versatile. And truly, this is a perfection of terroir-driven German Riesling, and in this case “terroir” denotes not some gnarly scratch of pebbles and scree, but smoke, cherries, violets and cloves. Dry Riesling is a recitation, but feinherb Riesling is a melody. Anyone who loves and cares about wine should cherish this.