Jakob Schneider

“Colorful” stories aside, these can be the most hauntingly, intricately perfumed wines I have ever tasted. They are modernizing but still a fair way from modern; great wine-y depth in the best of them. This differs from site to site. The wines are less mealy and more vigorous than they once were, more contemporary now. The 2001s, not surprisingly, are delightful. But you’d be well advised not to even try isolating any single consistent denominator from a village with 52 different soil types (!) That said, it’s clear these hail from great land. They’re amazingly aromatic.

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Jakob Schneider 2012 Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle Riesling Auslese [6/750]

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Yup, three plusses. I last offered this two years ago, when it wasn’t ready and when I myself wasn’t ready to register it. Tasted this time, I was so laid-to-waste I didn’t even write a note—just sat there, stunned. It’s a very BIG wine, with 147 g/l of rs and 12.4 g/l acidity and naturally it acts as much like a mini-BA or Eiswein as it does like an Auslese—whatever that creature is any more. But it is undeniably profound, monumental and grandiose.  ~Terry Theise

Jakob Schneider 2012 Niederhäuser Klamm Riesling Kabinett

We were busy assembling the cuvée, and this third attempt was the winner; the majority is a really old-school sponti to give juice and that carob-y richness; overall this is more porphyry than red-sandstone in its soil-signature, more smoke and incense, and quite a phenolic grip that might vanish with bottling. Authority and breed here, and a new seriousness that I really admire. Klamm sits right next to Hermannshöhle. The soil is mostly red sandstone and porphyry with some loam.

Jakob Schneider 2013 Norheimer Kirschheck Riesling Spätlese

Streamlined, flowery, slatey, charming and long. No wonder everyone loves this vineyard! ~Terry Theise

Jakob Schneider 2013 Riesling ‘Melaphyr’ trocken

The soil is a variant of porphyry, with feldspar and even basalt; it looks almost black at the surface. And the wines are always deranged with exotic terroir. This one’s an elegant and balanced dry wine; spicy, smoky, angular but not sharp; a cobalt-like minerality, refined, classy and full of character. ~Terry Theise

Jakob Schneider 2014 Niederhäuser Klamm Riesling Kabinett

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It is less opulent than before, and this is a good thing; more rippling and lithe; highly refined aromas of cox-orange and peaches; seriously long flavor, ostensibly easygoing yet showing a complex dialogue of sweet-acid-rocks-flowers.  ~Terry Theise

Jakob Schneider 2014 Riesling Kabinett [12/1000]

This has been among the top 2-3 values in this (or any) portfolio for many years now, and this is the best vintage I’ve tasted. Schneider has no mundane vineyards planted with Riesling, and so this “jug” wine has fruit from Grand and 1er Crus, in this case Rosenheck (sandy slate), Rosenberg (melaphyr) and Klamm (porphyry and sandstone). Sweetheart aromas! Apple-cellar, mineral, tangy, feels dry; poached pear, apple blossom, zip and mint and spice; a crazy bargain; talc, flowers and a crushed gravel texture. Insanely good.  ~Terry Theise