Jérôme Coessens

This is the first producer we have worked with from the southerly Aube region since Fleury, back in the day. Jérôme is an impassioned man in his early forties who took over the family domaine at the age of 28 and decided to go in an independent direction. His particular story, unlike every other you will encounter, is that all his wines are made from one cepage, Pinot Noir  from one contiguous 3.5 hectare block of vineyards, “Largillier”  and from one year. Such an approach brings with it gains and risks, but we found the results quite thrilling. These are declamatory wines, endowed with the swell of fruit and power offered by the clay soils of this warm Cotes des Bars climat. They resemble nothing else that we offer and they are gratifyingly free from any adherence to fashion or trend. Jérôme supplements his income by pressing grapes for various customers. To this end, he has invested in the best Coquard presses that money can buy. The resulting finesse of the musts is palpable.(Ville sur Arce)

Available Wines

Jérôme Coessens N.V. “Les Sens Boisés” Brut [6/750]

It takes a special hand to craft a wine of this slender and nervous quality from a ripe vintage like 2009 and an elevage in old Chablis Grand Cru barrels. It is not hyperbole to say that followers of Vilmart will find a satisfying echo of that iconic house in this wine. We were honestly surprised and exhilarated by it. Disgorged at the end of 2015. (Pinot Noir)

Jérôme Coessens N.V. Largillier Brut [6/750]

This flagship wine constitutes half of the estate’s production – all of 800 cases in 2013. Forthright and generous, and judiciously dosed at 8 grammes, the forceful flavor of yellow fruits topped with caramel gives way to a surprising trail of salt in the finish. A fine ambassador for Pinot Noir from the Côte des Bars.

Jérôme Coessens N.V. Largillier Brut Nature [6/750]

Jérôme only makes this undosed wine in what he terms “rich” years, which 2010 was in these parts (as opposed to the rest of Champagne). From a parcel that he names the “mineral”  it was left en tirage until the end of 2015, the better to allow a graceful evolution. A lovely, scented wine that shows the way for the “Nature” style. (Pinot Noir)

Jérôme Coessens N.V. Largillier Rosé Brut [6/750]

Jérôme coaxed 3000 bottles from a parcel he nicknames “Matire” 2014 and the results are simply and singularly stunning. A saignee of delicate hue drawn from the grapes destined for his excellent Coteaux Champenois, the floral extravagance of the nose would not disgrace a Lacrymae di Morro d’Alba. While this perfumed quality also infuses the palate, what impresses overall is the contained exotic richness of the Pinot Noir fruit, braced by perhaps the most overt minerality of the entire range. This really is a Rosé champagne that resembles no other we know. (Pinot Noir)