Joel Delaunay

Thierry Delaunay has firmly established the estate he runs with his father in the forefront of this sprawling appellation. The village of Pouillé where he resides is home to several of the top Touraine growers and would seem to be exceptionally privileged, perhaps by dint of its relative elevation. His Sauvignon has developed a devoted following over the last few years for very good reason.

Wine Label - Joel Delaunay 'le grand ballon' Sauvignon Blanc, Loire Valley 

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Joel Delaunay 2012 La Brossette Gamay/Cab. Franc (Touraine)

Thierry Delaunay presented us this charming wine during our sales trip to the Loire last May, and we could not resist its ebullient fruit. The Gamay dominates in the blend, with the Cabernet Franc providing structure, and the overall impact is altogether less prickly than the hedgehog on the label. Lovers of their Sauvignon Blanc in its various iterations should find plenty to like in this organically farmed red.

Joel Delaunay 2015 La Voute Sauvignon Blanc

A tête de cuvée given skin-contact and extended aging on the lees, it quite overwhelmed us by its combination of precision and generosity. A style that one suspects our Antipodean friends would give their eye-teeth to emulate. A deserving winner of the Guide Hachette’s “Coup de Coeur”. Ridiculous value.

Joel Delaunay 2016 Rosé ‘Le Grand Ballon’

Pale but definite pink wine artfully blended from Cabernet Franc, Côt and Gamay to a delightfully sprightly effect. It sports that inimitable Loire tension between fruit, acidity and earth components. Already a huge hit.

Joel Delaunay 2016 Sauvignon Blanc ‘Le Grand Ballon’

A splendid successor to its well-received predecessors. Unmistakable but unexaggerated Sauvignon at a bargain price.

Joel Delaunay 2016 Touraine Sauvignon

This cuvée offers real typicité year in and year out and 2013 is in the tradition of full-flavoured, precise and incisive wines that have developed such a following for this impeccable producer.