Sleek, feminine, elegant and soulful wines with silky fruit of exceptional beauty. Prices reflect the “Wehlen premium” but are still below the levels of many of the richer and more famous! Outstanding success in 2001! They are clear and lithe in structure but with juiciness which gives them a haunting charm. Less leesy-fluffy than Selbach, with even more flowery perfume. Unabashedly pretty but not vapid, not just pretty.

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Kerpen 2011 Riesling QbA

A lissome yet lusty charmer, hale yet refined yet gregarious; as good as the QbA genre gets.

Kerpen 2012 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese*

Adds a creamy vanilla wash to the “no-star”, feinting toward Auslese but holding short; it’s still got a limey spine but “sweeter” scents and flavors. Yet the finish is nearly dry, and charged with slate. The * reflects a riper and typically more botrytised selection. WEHLENER SONNENUHR is like Zeltinger Sonnenuhr feminized, slimmed down, and refined. If Zeltinger Sonnenuhr is oaken, Wehlener Sonnenuhr is willowy. It can show a ravishing elegance. Butter-vanilla, very delicate slate and equally delicate apple, now with a slightly herbal tertiary flavor. I would say light-to-medium body, but the beauty in these wines resides in class and actual flavor, and not in size or fullness.