I’m in my second year of working with Gunter Künstler—which means getting to know him better, and tasting the wines in greater depth—I’m having a hard time containing my admiration for this estate.  ~Terry Theise


Available Wines

Kunstler 2014 Estate Riesling trocken

It’s really a shame this wine isn’t worse; it makes it too easy to remain at this level, yet it also delivers astonishing quality for a highly friendly tariff. Basically this is just ridiculously attractive! Pure Hochheim mellowness, Chinese 5-spice, macoun and cox-orange apples; firm backbone and hints of mineral and the ’14 raciness, which shows as an apple-crunch below the froth of patisserie that is Hochheim. 40% done in Stück; this is craftsmanship at its utter best. ~Terry Theise

Kunstler 2014 Hochheimer Hölle Riesling Kabinett trocken

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