La Cave de l’Abbé Rous

There are no vineyards in France more startling to the eye than those that cascade down to the Mediterranean Sea just north of where the Pyrenees divide France from Spain. These logic-defying vines, grown on unnumbered terraces hewn out of the cliffs, also give rise to wines of great originality and quality. La Cave de l’Abbé Rous is essentially a co-operative of small growers in the choicest sections of Banyuls and Collioure. It makes wines at the highest quality level of the two appellations.

Wine Label - Peintres RougeWine Label - La Cave de l'Abbe Rous Banyuls







Available Wines

La Cave de l’Abbe Rous 2000 Banyuls Grand Cru Joseph Nadal [6/750]

With 55 gm. Of residual sugar, this is only “sec” in comparison with the Reynal. But, after aging for nine years in cask, the wine has achieved a spicy, gingery savor that effortlessly overcomes the sweetness and delivers a superbly fondu palate. This would be a brilliant match for hard mountain cheeses.

La Cave de l’Abbe Rous 2005 Helyos Banyuls Rimage [6/750]

This is the apotheosis of Banyuls Rimage, conjured from the most perfectly ripe Grenache grapes of the appellation and transmuted into a supreme elixir. A wine that may change you forever. Minute production.