Léguillette Romelot

The sleepy village of Charly on the very western frontier of Champagne, is home to a number of interesting producers, none more than this newly-discovered house. It was formed by the union of the two eponymous families in 1968, five years after they had joined together with other growers to form a co-operative in Charly. They remain members to this day, though the majority of their grapes are vinified in their own impressive facilities. Current proprietors Laurent and Christine took over in 2000 and have always had a brisk trade on the domestic market, particularly with private customers. WineWise is actually their first American customer, and proud to be bringing their thoughtful range of diverse wines to the California market.

 The family, including the three children, are all keen amateur musicians — a fact reflected in the names of all their cuvees. The domaine covers 8.2 hectares of vines, which average 40 years of age, including a small plot around the house dedicated to three arcane varieties. The wines undergo systematic malolactic fermentation, and aging en tirage is longer than the average. We were impressed by the finesse and incisiveness across the board. It was frankly hard to leave any cuvees behind, but we have started with a judicious selection that we think shows off their strengths. This is a house that exemplifies the strides being made by ambitious growers in the new era.


Available Wines

Léguillette Romelot (2008) “Notes Noires” Brut [6/750]

What a pleasure to find another example of this great vintage available to us. It is an unusual rendition of the Blanc de Noirs concept, but the result is vivid and chiseled. Secondary development is just beginning in a champagne that displays both power and finesse.

Léguillette Romelot N.V. “Opus No. 12” Brut

It is impossible to dismiss comparisons with Aubry because of the important role played in this wine by the three arcane varieties. But it stands on its own feet by dint of its seething mass of flavours – white fruits, citrus, salt -and its prodigious length on the palate. It is dosed at 8 gm, The “Opus No. 12” has always denoted the year from whose grapes the wine is made. Sadly, that will change in future as our importation of this wine drew the attention of a certain famed producer of Napa Valley red wine who claimed exclusive rights to use the word “Opus” in conjunction with wine. Maybe this will be a collector’s item, too!

(45% Meunier, 28% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Blanc, 6% Pinot Noir, 6% Petit Meslier)

Léguillette Romelot N.V. “Prelude” Extra Brut

An enchantingly direct nose and palate with 4.5 gm of dosage that shows less dry than that because of the vinosity imparted by the old vines. Based on 58% of the 2014 vintage, the reserve wines are a solera of the years 2008-13 and lend a depth of flavor that is quite palpable. Dry but far from austere.