Superbly made wines, exceptional clarity and polish in a keenly etched and chiseled style. Has soared ahead to take its place among the best estates in the Pfalz the last few years. Sure-handed with a multitude of grape varieties. What unites them is CLARITY and SPECIFICITY. Gregor’s careful, diligent style seems to allow us to examine the fruit of his wines as though under a microscope. This must be the most honorable way to make wine. Everyone knows how to make bombshells—it’s facile and plausible—but the tender, delicate rendering of varietal fruit denotes a respect for the grape which only shows when you’re nature’s humble servant and not concerned with being a hot-shot. Gregor’s wines have an exactitude that satisfies my desire for seeing things clearly.

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Available Wines

Messmer 2009 Riesling halbtrocken [12/1000ml]

The ’08, which we’ll offer while it lasts, is a studious, chiseled and refreshing everyday Riesling, while the ’09 is more muscular and roasty. Both are impeccably balanced.

Messmer 2011 Riesling Kabinett feinherb ‘Muschelkalk’

It means fossil-bearing-limestone, not what you think it means.

Messmer 2013 Scheurebe feinherb [12/1000]

This was the 4th Scheu producer I visited, and the first wine that really reeked of Scheurebe. And as you know, if it doesn’t reek it doesn’t speak. So, definite grapefruit and sage, and the lovely subtle tang of RS takes it into woodruff and balsam, and while the palate is less effusive, it’s long, silky and wry.  ~Terry Theise

Messmer 2014 Burrweiler Schäwer Riesling Spätlese

This is the vineyard that first brought me here, the only slate site between the lower Nahe and Andlau in Alsace. It can easily be tasted, though it’s nothing like a Mosel wine. You pronounce it like “shaver.” The final blend is pending, but this wine acknowledges (for once) the not uncommon practice of blending a couple per-cent of Rieslaner into a Riesling to turbo-charge it. It reminded me of Nigl’s Piri; salt, verbena, tarragon, lemon rind; racy and brilliant, and zingy, not opulent. But impressive.  ~Terry Theise