We are very excited to bring you a new cava producer, though Mestres and “new” are not words which co-exist often. Indeed Mestres not only pioneered production with no dosage (in 1945) but actually registered the word “cava” in 1959, and these are recent developments for them. The current owners are the 30th generation to run the estate, as the first records of the family as vinegrowers and négociants date back to 1312. In the 1600’s they began construction of the winery in San Sadurni d’Anoia, which was finished in 1861. They bottled their first sparkling wine in 1925, and opened their first bottle to celebrate Christmas in 1928. They make López de Heredia seem like arrivistes!

All that aside, it is the quality of the wines that drew our attention. The youngest of their wines is aged 2 years in the cellar, making all of their bottlings either Reserva or Gran Reserva. In order to achieve cavas that are full and rich, development is never rushed – the wines undergo a natural stabilization process during their long aging, so that the crystals which form can then be disgorged along with the yeasts. All of their production is aged under cork during tirage, and all bottles are riddled and disgorged by hand. They have about six vintages worth of stock in their impressive cellars under the main square of San Sadurni. They also have the luxury, being so long on the scene, of owning excellent vineyard land not yet in production that they are carefully and methodically bringing on stream.

Available Wines

Mestres 2012 “Coquet” Gran Reserva Brut Nature

Four years on the lees have imparted to this wine a marked depth and length of flavor. Undosed, it holds its dryness effortlessly. A cava to eat with.

Mestres N.V. Cava 1312 Reserva Brut

Although made from the same three classic grapes as Castell d’Age below, and despite also being on the dry side (6 gm. of dosage), this cava makes a friskier and fruitier impression, while retaining a refreshing tang.