Moussé Fils

Moussé at a glance – Our favorite among the Meunier pilgrims in the Marne Valley (and elsewhere), an up-and-coming young grower who’s the newest member of the Club Tresors.

How the wines taste – Classy Meunier beauties; savory and dark-bready and with the sorghum-sweetness of the variety, but also with a certain reserve and containment – elegance is the right word.  ~Terry Theise


Available Wines

Mousse 2010 “Terre d’Illite” Brut

Named for the “green clay” of Cuisles and its environs, said to be unique to this quiet corner of Champagne. It’s 95% Meunier with “a few handfuls” of PN. The wine is plump and concentrated; the palate reads it “sweeter” than its mingy 3.6g/l rs, though we played with various levels. All of them were thick, rich earthy Meunier but also refined, and with a lovely curious finish of caraway and cucumbers. Disgorged in January 2015, with higher dosage it was more hedonistic but less interesting, though it reached a kind of pinnacle at the highest level (5.2), really strong and shimmery. Since I liked it for different reasons at each of its levels, I will be surprised along with you when we drink the finished wine.  ~Terry Theise