Nicolas Gelis / Chateau Ferran & Cahuzac

Fronton is home to the Negrette grape. When well made, it offers one of those perfect amalgams of variety and place which make the notion of “terroir” a palpable sensual and intellectual pleasure, not just an abstract fancy. Nicolas Gélis is a dynamic force in the region who has assembled a collection of domaines in different districts each of which offers its individual expression of Fronton’s originality.

 FGE-FERXXFCA-ROSXX Etiq. Château Cahuzac rosé - 2013

Available Wines

Ch. Cahuzac 2012 Fronton Rosé

(80% Negrette, 20% Gamay) The pink wine from this estate has always stood out from the crowd by dint of its distinctive perfume of pears and its juicy freshness.

Ch. Ferran 2014 “Classique” Fronton Rouge

60% Negrette, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Gamay.  Seriously tasty red from the first property bought by Nicolas in 1994 and completely replanted at that time. The brambly tones of Negrette dominate as they should, while the Cabernet lends firmness and the Gamay acid brightness.