Pascal Bellier

Pascal Bellier makes an array of splendidly clear and authentic wines in this little-known corner of the Loire, just south of Blois. Typical of the young generation taking over in the region, he is an adherent of Terra Vitis, a group of practical but forward-thinking growers practising “La Lutte Intégrée”, an essentially organic, but undogmatic, approach to viticulture.

Label - Pascal Bellier Sparkling Rose

Available Wines

Pascal Bellier 2016 Cheverny Blanc

(80% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Chardonnay)  Where you might expect to be taken aback by the foreign aspect of Chardonnay in this blend,  that most plastic of grapes instead serves to intensify its Sauvignon character, to make the wine grassier and imbue it with more lemon-and-lime perfume and cut. This 2014 is a real standout for its clarity and balance, not to mention its improbably low price.

Pascal Bellier 2016 Cheverny Rouge

(80% Pinot Noir, 20% Gamay) The sheer prettiness of the Pinot fruit is reason alone to want this, but here is one of those wines whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It is an animated, proportionate and thought-provoking wine that also happens to be awfully easy to drink. Perfection of its understated kind.

Pascal Bellier N.V. ‘Reverie’ Rosé Methode Traditionelle Sparkling

(Pinot Noir) Pascal makes a miniscule quantity of this highly perfumed and flavorful sparkler. We were delighted that he succumbed to our pleading and vouchsafed us 50 cases. It has already been embraced by the market.