Marc/Pierre Plouzeau


Pierre Plouzeau was a visionary man who, in his all-too-short life, created a negociant business like no other while running his own two domaines as well. His sons, François and Marc, are worthy successors, both firmly committed to the rigorous joys of bio-dynamic farming. Marc, who took over the family’s historic Chinon property, Ch. de la Bonnelière, also functions as a négociant, working with a small number of top-quality growers to produce a range of dependable Loire classics.

Wine Label - Marc Plouzeau rose


Available Wines

Marc Plouzeau 2013 Les Devants de la Bonnelière Touraine Sauvignon

As always, the Chinon terroir yields a wine long on minerality that transcends the Sauvignon (whereas Delaunay’s example, for instance, exalts it). Unapologetically dry and serious wine for rock-hounds. Good with oysters.

Marc Plouzeau 2017 Dom. des Hautes Troglodytes (Saumur Champigny)

High-toned, silky wine that walks a thrilling tightrope between pleasure and seriousness. Exceptional concentration, good grip and a compelling black licorice finish. The Hautes Troglodytes never disappoints!

Marc Plouzeau Dom. de la Croix Marie 2016 & 2017 Chinon Rosé

Those who followed the long-running Devants de la Bonnelière Touraine Rosé will know what a deft hand Marc has with rosé wine. This latest example is a step-up appellation-wise and offers the familiar thrill of Cabernet Franc gone pink. Poised between earth and fruit, it presents a drier, tangier and arguably more food-friendly rendition of the genre than is typical in France.