In 1997 Andreas and Bernd Spreitzer leased the estate from their father, who remains active. Recently listed as a Gault-Millau discovery of the year, and now FEINSCHMECKER’s newcomer of the year, and a new listing in DM-magazine’s 100-best German vintners list.

Here are the stats: 11.5 hectares, producing about 6,500 cases per year. 92% Riesling, 8% Pinot Noir. All harvesting is by hand. The must is cleaned by gravity for 24 hours before whole-cluster pressing. After fermentation (in wood or jacketed stainless steel, partly with ambient yeasts partly with cultured yeasts, depending on the vintage) the wines rest on their gross lees for some time before receiving their only filtration, with racking. They are bottled off the fine lees.  ~Terry Theise

GSP-XXX Riesling 101

Available Wines

Spreitzer 2006 Oestricher Lenchen Riesling Kabinett

Spreitzer 2006 Oestricher Lenchen Riesling Spätlese ‘303’

Spreitzer 2010 Oestricher Lenchen Riesling Kabinett

The sweetness has been inching down each year, which makes me glad, because this ’10 shows you don’t need a lot of fructose to eke out this wines cider-y soul. This is a riot of apple, a pagan orgy of apples, apples reenacting Caligula (co-starring aloe-vera), an insanely, bewitchingly lip-smackingly delicious wine, as this is at its very best.

Spreitzer 2010 Riesling ‘101’

You know, your basic Riesling! It’s one-third each from Lenchen, Doosberg and the slatey Hallgartener Hendelberg; the base wine is Spätlese quality, and this wine works perfectly with exactly five more grams of sweetness than the ’09 had. And bless them for recognizing this and not yielding to formula-think! Mirabelle and apple skin, lots of dicht and mineralty, cool balsam and sorrel; everyday Riesling doesn’t improve on this.

Spreitzer 2013 Oestricher Lenchen Riesling Kabinett

CORE-LIST WINE. And now the drier regime is firmly established; more mirabelle and tart-apple and herbal snap; even (in ’13) green tea and sweet peas.  ~Terry Theise

Spreitzer 2014 Estate trocken

Taut and filled with dried apple and baked pear flavors that  feature plenty of custard and lemon curd notes. Accents of dried sage and mint on the  pure-tasting finish. Drink now  through 2020.

Spreitzer 2014 Riesling ‘101’

Vivid green apple in a brilliant and penetrating aroma, almost like the exotics of (the village of) Rauenthal. Not chaptalized; certainly the best since 2011 and maybe the best ever, a juicy hot-weather gulper that over-delivers and has a banshee energy. It is, of course, the “estate” Riesling in a form of perfect balance. ~Terry Theise

Spreitzer 2015 Estate trocken

Pending Tasting notes.

Spreitzer 2015 Oestricher Muschelkalk Riesling trocken

This used to be the Doosberg, and I’m sure it was changed to accommodate some arcane VDP diktat. In any case the wine is excellent; beautifully mineral and gently dry; white hyacinth; slim, demure and complex dialogue of flowers and rock dust.