Tenoira Gayoso

This small estate was created from abandoned vineyards in 1994. After six years of natural “reconversion” by means of cattle-grazing, the first vines were planted in 2000. Bierzo is, of course, one of the great D.O.’s in Galicia, and we are delighted to introduce such a fine discovery, making excellent wines at daringly low prices!

Available Wines

Tenoira Gayoso 2014 Godello (Bierzo)

It requires a special talent to turn this temperamental grape into a harmonious wine, but that challenge has been well met here. All the desired attributes are on show : luxurious scent, a texture that offers substance without thickness, a hint of exoticism and a correct but not bracing acidity. All is rendered in a properly dry wine with moderate alcohol. It sounds easy, but it really isn’t, for Godello, in our experience, confounds most practitioners. But not Tenoiro Gayoso!