Another young winery founded in 1999 by the brothers Aristides and Stathios Panos, it offers a splendid range of impeccably made wines from both indigenous and international varietals at improbably low prices. The mindboggling vineyards rise to elevations of 1000 meters, ensuring the diurnal temperature range that is so often the lodestone of quality in Greece. Enjoying unique limestone soils and making wines only from free-run juice, Tetramythos offers a finesse and purity that are unexpected at this price level.


Available Wines

Tetramythos 2011 Retsina (Peloponnese)

Tetramythos have stormed Europe with this revolutionary version of Greece’s most infamous vinous product. Treating it with a seriousness never before accorded it by anyone, it is made from the estate’s organic Roditis grapes (rather than the Savatiano almost universally employed elsewhere), to which is added before fermentation a moderate quantity of resin drawn from pine trees growing on the property. 40% is fermented on wild yeasts in amphorae, the balance in stainless steel. Extended lees aging is the final touch before bottling. The result is an understated, elegantly dry wine that is a cinch with Mediterranean seafood dishes and will banish forever dubious memories of Greek beach holidays.

Tetramythos 2011 Roditis (Peloponnese)

What a great and often under-rated grape Roditis is. Witness this beautiful wine, endowed with uncommon weight and intensity for its modest price-tag. Scented and fine, it offers a honied driness underpinned by firm acidity that confers a certain seriousness, while nonetheless offering a generous measure of pure vinous pleasure.

Tetramythos 2015 & 2017 Agiorgitiko (Peloponnese)

It is hard to conceive of a more sheerly deliciously fruity rendition of this ”noble” grape. A splendidly alternative rendition to the more ambitious efforts of Nemea, this offers value for money that borders on the insane.