Yiannis Tselepos has thirty years of experience under his belt now and can reasonably claim to be largely responsible both for the recognition of his chosen region of Mantinia as the Mother Lode of Moschofilero and for the popularity of this grape in Greece and beyond. We can hardly believe our luck in getting the King of Moschofilero into our stable, especially as we were never before able to find a producer of this wine anywhere close to his quality.

Tselepos - Amalia Brut Label

Available Wines

Tselepos N.V. ‘Amalia’ Brut (Moschofilero) [12/750ml]

(Moschofilero) It might seem counter-intuitive to attempt a sparkling wine from a varietal as characterful as the fragrant Moschofilero, but by harvesting early, the aromatic elements are kept in check and a delightfully original and well-balanced Méthode Traditionelle is made. Indispensable for any Big Fat Greek Wedding.