Vincent Raimbault

No explorer in search of El Dorado ever experienced the thrill we did on discovering this property. Jaded over the years by a succession of uninteresting Vouvrays, we called “Eureka” on tasting this beautiful line-up. Vincent Raimbault is a disarmingly quiet and modest man, but his wines bespeak exceptional seriousness. Their hallmark is beauty and purity of fruit, and faith in tradition. The enthusiasm with which they have been embraced by our customers shows that our excitement was well placed. Dare we mention that Schildknecht likes them, too?

Wine Label - Raimbault Vouvray

Available Wines

Vincent Raimbault 2014 Vouvray Demi-Sec ‘Les Terrages’

Chenins like this, with their subtle balance of sweetness and acidity, are really the only wines in the world that give German Riesling a run for its money. A more surely useful and delicious French wine is hard to imagine.

Vincent Raimbault 2015 Vouvray Sec ‘Bel Air’

Inevitably, the power of the vintage asserts itself, but like all Raimbault wines this does not lose sight of its origins. A more luscious wine than the sterner 2013 below, but it is honest and true.

Vincent Raimbault N.V. Vouvray Brut

Fruitier and slightly less dry than Fouet’s Crémant, this offers a fascinating perspective on sparkling Chenin grown in the Loire’s different tufa soils.