von Winning / Dr. Deinhard

This is an old estate in the Pfalz, but the 2008 vintage is the first full vintage under Attmann’s regime. It is an entirely convincing effort. At 30 hectares, it is a large estate. Until recently, the wines have never been imported into the United States. The best vineyards are Deidesheimer Grainhübel, Kalkofen, Kieselberg and Mäushöhle; Ruppertsberger Reiterpfad; Forster Ungeheuer and Jesuitengarten. The Deidesheim estate is now in the hands of the Koch family, yet is called Dr. Deinhard after its founder, who moved from Koblenz to Deidesheim in the middle of the 19th century.  ~Terry Theise

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von Winning 2013 Riesling

CORE-LIST WINE. Lilac, melon, wisteria, markedly flowery; a tasty wry balance on the palate, wherein a tiny sweetness delivers a huge payoff. Slim and lissome but long and classy. Completely amazing quality in the “basic” echelon, and a classic example of one of the Great Truths of German wine: A perfect dry Riesling is often not perfectly dry. ~Terry Theise

von Winning 2013 Sauvignon Blanc trocken “500” [6/750]

500 refers to vinification in demi-piece or “Halbstück” in German, and thus more wood transfer and thus an oakier wine. It’s a selection of the best casks, from a plant-density of 9,500 vines per hectare—as in the Europe of 100 years ago—and all from the Paradiesgarten. It’s less smoky and more flowery than the ’12 was. Compared to the above, it comes down to whether you want your mind blown (here) or your senses caressed (there). For a wine this woody the florality is unbelievable.  ~Terry Theise

von Winning 2014 Estate Riesling

Pending tasting notes…

von Winning 2014 “Winnings” Riesling

Sommelier Alert! This will be detailed in the literature attending its launch, but the wine is highly aromatic in a sweet grainy way. This ’14 is on the tangy side—the rs will slide around depending on the vintage, always as little as possible but as much as necessary, to be not so much a dry as a sugar-neutral wine. It’s angular and pineappley as ‘14s are; the palate is thrusting and spicy, really beepolleny and perfumey. Finishes dry! ~Terry Theise