Gerhard Wallner’s wines are best summed up by Terry: “They’re delicious, extroverted, hearty wines that also convey a lot of finesse.  They show all the uniquely spicy character and clarity of the best wines of the region. His little brochure has the emblem ‘echt — typisch — erdig’ Genuine, typical, earthy.” 

Südburgenland is Austria’s smallest wine growing region with less than 500 total hectares under vine and only 10 growers owning more than 5 hectares. Four generations of the Wallner family have managed the estate before Gerhard Wallner took over the family’s 8  hectares.   Since then he’s increased quality by limiting vigor; leaving more canopy on the vine and reducing the space between rows to force competition. He also trains vines on a single cordon system, and limits bunches per plant to eight. 

Gerhard works with essentially no technology. He uses large barrels all of his red wine fermentation.  Wallner’s flagship wine is named ‘Namenlos,’ which means “Name-less”, from vines over 40 years old, including his Alte Reben parcel planted in 1921. 

Annual production: 30,000 bottles.  Grape varieties: 70% Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt 7%, St. Laurent 2% as well as Cabernet Sauvignon 5% and Merlot 3% (only for the Cuvee); appr. 13% white.  ~Terry Theise


Available Wines

Wallner 2012 Blaufränkisch Eisenberg ‘DAC’ [20/375]