(A WineWise Selection) Steffi Weegmüller has taken this ancient family property to the very pinnacle of Pfalz estates, as has been recognised at home in Germany but also now in the U.S.A., where David Schildknecht has paid tribute to the quality of her wines. Quite literally next door to the famed house of Müller-Catoir, and sharing many of the same fabled vineyards, she offers a series of pristine, almost chiselled wines that unite Pfalz spice and generosity with manic purity and length.

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Weegmüller 2006 Gimmeldinger Schlössel Riesling Kabinett trocken

Simultaneously rich and stony wine that has entered a graceful middle age. Dry but not austere.

Weegmüller 2009 Weissburgunder trocken

Only in Austria can one find Pinot Blanc that offers an equal combination of fruit clarity and tensile strength.

Weegmüller 2011 Haardter Bürgergarten Riesling Kabinett

It is hard to imagine a more sheerly pretty expression of this very great vineyard than Steffi routinely conjures up. A paradigm of great Pfalz Kabinett. The 2011 is especially juicy and gulpable, while the 2009 shows all the class of a great year.

Weegmuller 2013 Rieslaner Auslese ‘Vom 12 Zeilen’ [12/375]

When Rieslaner hits just the right threshold of ripeness, it can produce some of the most singular and compelling dessert wine on earth. Perhaps no vineyard suits this grape as brilliantly as the Haardter Mandelring, where the miraculous balancing act of huge sweetness and powerful, almost fierce acidity evokes in this unique variety its signature infra-red glow and hauntingly long flavour. All this with just 7% alcohol. A really amazing wine.

Weegmuller 2013 Riesling ‘Vom Gelben Fels” trocken

Weegmüller have decided on a “fantasy name” approach to labelling their top wines. This one, “From the Yellow Cliff”, is a brilliant cuvée of their three great sites : Bürgergarten, Herrenletten and Mandelring. As such, it offers a panoply of peachy Pfalz fruit flavours that dance miraculously on the tongue. Such poise and clarity are possible only from top vineyards and masterly wine-making hands.

Weegmuller 2013 Riesling trocken [12/1000]

What a pleasure to have back this classiest of German liter bottlings, with its fresh nose and lilting Riesling expression. Largely derived from younger vines in Weegmüller’s Grand Cru holdings with a judicous blend of grapes from another grower in Deidesheim, this is a poster-child for quintessential Pfalz Riesling.