Xavier Frissant

We shall be eternally grateful to Vincent Raimbault for introducing us to his friend in the village of Mosnes – one of only two vignerons making it their home!. After tasting a compelling range of his wines at the Salon in Angers, we selected two that offered something quite unique, and have since successfully added his singular rosé This fellow is a star.

FXF-REN Renaissance Rouge

Available Wines

Xavier Frissant 2011 ‘Renaissance’ (Touraine-Amboise)

(50% Cot, 50% Cab. Franc) There is a vivid brilliance to the best 2011 Loire reds which this splendid wine exemplifies. Deep-colored and forcefully scented, it melds that unmistakable Loire earthiness that seems to transcend varieties with a thoroughly pleasing fleshiness.

Xavier Frissant 2013 or 2014 Cot ‘M’ de la Touche (Touraine-Amboise)

There is little resemblance between the popular Malbecs of Argentina or the brooding wines of Cahors and a wine such as this, made from the same grape with its Loire moniker. Once past the dark hue, you enter the unmistakable world of energetic, nervy and mineral Loire wines. The low alcohol keeps the wine bouyant and the finish is long.