Young Christos Zafeirakis took over the family domaine after completing his studies in Bordeaux and Piemonte in 2004. In no time at all, he has rocketed to domestic fame for his expressive, elegant wines and embrace of organic viticulture (certified by Bio-Hellas). Among an interesting array of international varieties, all of them impressive, we were blown away by the two indigenous wines we have selected. His production is minuscule.

HZA-LIMXX Zafa Limniona

Available Wines

Zafeirakis 2008 Limniona

The thick-skinned Limniona grape has become Christos’ signature wine in just its second vintage. It is a silky, sinewy wine without an ounce of fat on it, but with an indescribably mysterious nose, strangely evocative of oriental spices. Aged, interestingly, in Austrian oak barrels (more neutral than French, and beloved by the likes of Willi Bründlmayer), it bears more than a passing resemblance to good Trousseau. A true original and a wine of high class.